Photo: Carmen Fetz

Karaoke, Social Media and Nuclear Song Stand-ups

Karaoke is argued to have originated from the DIY-electronics skills and Minus-one passion of Filipino immigrants to Japan in the late 1960’s, and the audio-tape playback inventions of Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue, satisfying the common desire for entertainment at dinner and party. Now, several decades after it’s spread back around Asia and the rest of the Western world in the 1990s, it is a global cultural and entertainment phenomenon. Karaoke encourages amateur singers–let’s say anyone–to take a stand and sing in public with microphone and pre-recorded music for themselves, or for others. A committee of academic-jokers awarded Daisuke Inoue the Ig Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for inventing Karaoke, providing ”an entirely new way for people to learn to tolerate each other”, which was aimed to make you laugh first, but then think afterwards (Listen to NPR’s report).

Finnish-Japanese bilateral relations are said to be mutually close–including a shared interest in peace and tolerance issues, not to mention appreciation of nature and technological innovation. And some even say that the sound of both languages and songs are alike. With these things in mind, it is no surprise Karaoke has spread around Finland, and gained a special place in the small town and big city lights of Finland, even initiating the World Karaoke Championships in 2003.

When introduced to the special features of Pyhäjoki municipality, one human gem stood out in the form of Kari’s Karaoke Car Repair-workshop: You can go get your car-exhaust fixed up by Kari, sing a song or listen to his crooning on the side. It sounds perfect! What sparks from such cross-cultural and contextual particularities on site, and how might the North Ostrobothnian stereotype get involved? I wondered if the tense nuclear subject had been released in song: Was Kari’s oil-electric-lubricated Karaoke list catering to the local hot topic? Or somehow had it come up yet among the beers and spirits during the local Ravintola Dado’s regular weekend Karaoke night.. If not, maybe Case Pyhäjoki visitors could help?

We have since gathered musical video-clips online via social media (Spotify | Facebook | cheap prednisone 10mg Prednisone natural alternative Twitter order anastrozole onlineAnastrozole generic cost ) that allows you to click, play, listen and ’like’ a song or music-track related to the nuclear issue. Oh, there’s no ’dislike’ option available. Considering an alternative attention-economy, what would happen if we could add these nuclear karaoke tracks to the local Pyhäjoki song-listings? Would it be light-relief, tolerance-enducing, or therapy if people went through the Karaoke song-list /machine and found them? How about if others from outside town requested them?

Is it time to take your turn, to stand up and sing?