Lectures and presentations
Location: Pyhäjoen high school, Koulutie 8, 86100 Pyhäjoki, Finland
The lectures are in English but there will be some materials translated into Finnish. The lectures are open to everyone.

Thursday 1.8.
12 – 13 Jyri Laakso, developer, Pyhäjoki municipality: ’Pyhäjoki municipality’s welcoming: What is the municipality’s official perspective to the nuclear power plant project’
13 – 14 Lunch (at own cost, bring a picnic)
14 – 15 Tapio Litmanen, researcher, Jyväskylä university: Finnish exceptionalism: The drivers of nuclear new-build
15 -16 Satu Lähteenoja, researcher, Demos Helsinki: The future of sustainable lifestyles and the role of energy (note this lecture is via Skype) See also

Saturday 3.8.
11 – 12 Pro Hanhikivi Presentation
After the presentation, a guided tour to Hanhikivi.

Sunday 4.8.
11 – 12 Maarit Laihonen, researcher, Aalto university: ‘Corporate responsibility aspects in nuclear energy politics
12 – 13:30 Shin Mizukoshi, researcher, Tokio university: ‘Case Fukushima- People’s reflections after 3/11 and nuclear influence
13:30 – 14 Lunch (at own cost, bring a picnic)
14 – 15 Pik Ki Leung, researcher, Hong Kong Chinese university: ‘Feminist thought and nuclear critisism
15 – Geiger counter building workshop part 1. and part 2.

Monday 5.8.
18 – 19 John Jordan: ‘Dancing on the edge of art and activism: The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination‘ (note this lecture is via Skype) See also the website.

Thursday 8.8.
11 – 12 Anneli Hyvärinen-Meriläinen, researcher, Oulu university, ‘’Meanings of places in our lives ’
10 onwards Leena Pukki’s leading a Mural painting workshop at Valikkari (goes on until Saturday)

Saturday 10.8.
Ryoko Akama & Hai Art: Sonic Boat Journey Hailuoto – Pyhajoki. Follow updates on online: this website, #casepyhajoki on Twitter or

Sunday 11.8.
14 – 16 Case Pyhäjoki Show&tell at Parhalati school (see below)
17 – 18 Voima sport day at Pyhäjoki sports field

Final presentations
Case Pyhäjoki artists work with different kind of art projects during the week. The outcomes of this work is presented in Parhalahti school on Sunday 11.8. starting at 14. Welcome!
Address: Parhalahdentie 68, 86110 Parhalahti

Build a geiger counter!
Sunday 4.8. starting at 15
Location: Pyhäjoki high school

Learn how to make a geiger counter and measure the radiation caused by nature or human activities. Artists Erich Berger and Martin Howse teach how to make geiger counters on Sunday. The group is joined by artist Ryoko Akama with her geiger counter design the following week.

The geiger counter workshop is not suitable for under 15 years old. Amount of seats restricted. The teaching language is English.
There will be a geiger counter building manual in Finnish as a result of the workshop (downloadable at this website).

In addition
Sunday 11.8.
12 – 13:30 Hanhikivi devotion at Hanhikivi (guided tour leaves from Parhalahti School at 11:30)
Organised by Pro Hanhikivi