Lampinsaari mine. Photo by Martin Howse

Lampinsaari mine on the edge of natures

As one of the field trips of Case Pyhäjoki, we visited Vihanti closed zinc mine called Lampinsaari. We wanted to search the old waste piles of the mine for radioactive stones as there is also anastrozole generic arimidexAnastrozole generic cost an uranium deposit in the area. We didn’t find any radioactivity which was both a relief and a disappointment.

Lampinsaari mine was established in 1954 and a mining village was built next to it. Lampinsaari village had all the services needed from school to healthcare, shops and a restaurant Kaivoshovi. At that time, there was about 1000 inhabitants in the village. The mine produced zinc and small amounts of copper and lead. The ore was transported to Raahe via the mine’s railway which is dismantled now but the track can still be seen.

The mine was closed in 1992 because it wasn’t profitable enough anymore. The village became silent, the restaurant and shops were closed. There are 4o0 people living in the village nowadays. Parts of the area are closed because of the danger of landfall but there is still a walking trail the goes around the mine.

It has been already over 20 years since there have been a mining activity and the trees, bushes and other plants have taken over. The human touch is slowly disappearing but the mine area is still a strange place: not in any kind of natural condition but flourishing in its own peculiar way. It brings to my mind other places people have abandoned for one reason or the other: the old Soviet era military bases, Chernobyl and Fukushima, other mines like Kirkenes iron mine in Norway and forever burning coal mine in Central, US or abandoned farms in Finland. It doesn’t take long for the buildings and other constructions to disappear basically. The nature itself always survives in its different ways but the human species necessarily don’t.

See also a video of the demolishing of Lampinsaari mine tower in 1995
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Daniela detects radiation Maarit's radiation while she's not watching.

Daniela detects radiation Maarit’s radiation while she’s not watching.

Martin, Ryoko and Erich detecting radiation.

Martin, Ryoko and Erich detecting radiation.

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