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‘Case Pyhäjoki – Artistic reflections on nuclear influence’ was a transdisciplinary artistic expedition, production workshop and presentation events in Pyhäjoki, North Ostrobothnia, Finland 1st to 11th of August 2013. The sixth nuclear power plant of Finland is planned to be built at Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki. 

Meanwhile, check for example the documenter presentations here:

Tapio Litmanen, researcher, Jyväskylä university: Finnish exceptionalism: The drivers of nuclear new-build
Satu Lähteenoja, researcher, Demos Helsinki: The future of sustainable lifestyles and the role of energy

Maarit Laihonen, researcher, Aalto university: ‘Corporate responsibility aspects in nuclear energy politics
Shin Mizukoshi, researcher, Tokio university: ‘Case Fukushima- People’s reflections after 3/11 and nuclear influence
Pik Ki Leung, researcher, The Chinese University of Hong Kong: ‘Feminist thought and nuclear critisism

Geiger counter building workshop part 1. and part 2.

John Jordan: ‘Dancing on the edge of art and activism: The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

Case Pyhäjoki show&tell event in Parhalahti school 11th of August 2013, archived live broadcasts:
Part 1. Case Pyhäjoki -introduction
Part 2. Case Pyhäjoki -introduction continues
Part 3. show&tell at the classroom
Part 4. Winners of radiactive puzzle game

Power Sport Day: archived live broadcast from the event

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